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Happy marriages begin when
we marry the ones we love,
and they blossom when we
love the ones we marry
Love does not consist in
gazing at each other,
but in looking outward
together in the same
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Never marry but for love;
but see that thou lov'st
what is lovely

The measure of love is to
love without measure
Let there be spaces in your togetherness - Kahlil Gibran

What comes from the heart touches the heart

It's the rose of my heartbeat that I give to thee
True love with deep faith in reality for you to see
Throughout all seasons it
shall bloom for eternity
Forever in my heart you are
the only rose for me

The purpose of a relationship
is not to have another
who might complete you
but to have another with
whom you might share
your completeness
– Neale Donald Walsh
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